Well Being Practices Everyday

Hi best friends!

What kind of routine do you use every day to make yourself feel better? There is the morning coffee ritual or the quick (or long) shower, exercise? Etc. But what can we do every day to uplift our spirits? To feel vital and energetic? Is there anything at all that can be done to achieve this?

I have a few techniques that would like to share with you and please! if you have any, please share it back! One is the toe tapping. for 5 minutes, laying back on my bed as I wake up I separate my feet for about a feet apart and roll them inwards from the heels until the big toes touch and then separate them back in a constant motion for about 5 minutes. The trick here is to tap both big toes on intervals of about a second.

It is amazing how well it makes something this simple makes you feel! In my case, after I finish my 5 minute routine there is a rush of energy/vibrations running up the center of my body going from the feet to the top of my head that relaxes me completely and helps me reach a state of silence for a minute or two, very relaxing and refreshing.

There, this is one simple action that you can do for yourself every day to help connect with your body, relax and invigorate your mind for the rest of the day.